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Welfare Rights Training

Are you an accredited agency?

Do you have Scottish National Standards?

Are you giving the public competent advice?

Worried about compensation claims for poor benefit advice?

We deal with people all over the UK on a daily and see just how poor and bad the advice given by other is.

We can come to your agency / office and check your staff and volunteers work in a professional and fully confidential manner writing you a brief report (For your eyes only) on any issues identified and how to improve your service and standards.

This one day service will costs £1,000 with a full unconditional 100% refund if we fail to identify any issues.

Solicitors / Lawyers

Over the last few months October 2013 to November 2013 I have seen no less than 6 local people convicted of benefit fraud in my local papers, last year there would have hardly been 6 all year, what that tells me is they are not getting the advice they need to deal with these issues as we are only open two day each week they will be seeking advice elsewhere thus the large increase in convictions.

We can help you help your clients accused of benefit fraud by reducing the amount overpaid by identifying any unclaimed benefits that may have been claimed during the overpaid period.

Many benefit appeals can be overturned by finding an error on the DWP's part, we can help identify this for you.