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This is a selection of documents available to download for registered Carers Centre staff / volunteers.

ESA Transfer and Carers

Possible problems with Transfer to Employment & Support Allowance & Carers

Use this Word document to up-date your staff and volunteers on recent changes to benefits we are aware of from January and April 2011

Training Material in Powerpoint

Carers Allowance Training 2010

April 2010 Benefit Changes

DLA Training 2010

ESA & IB For Youths 2010

ESA Training 2010

Full-Time Student


Income Support Training 2010

Pension Credit Training 2010

Starting & Stopping Work 

Tax Credit Guide 2010

Test Your Knowledge Of Carers Allowance

Carers Allowance Questions

Carers Allowance Answers

Benefit Charts:

Normal Benefit Chart

Lists most of the common benefits and amounts paid weekly

Common Income Support Amounts

With various premiums and additions added to speed things up

Pension Credit Chart

Lists the various amounts paid in Pension Credit and the cut off points for Savings Credit

Employment Support Allowance Rates

Lists the various amounts paid from ESA(C) and ESA(IB)

Standard Welfare Rights letters:

(Last update Dec 2008)

These standard letters and forms, (In Word format, unless otherwise stated), are invaluable tools for effective Welfare Rights work. You may save them on your hard drive or complete them on screen and print and you can adapt them for your own use.

Words in bold print on the letters contain instructions and/or optional information and should be deleted before you print.

Terms and Conditions:

The letters are designed to be used by advisers. The letters are only as good as the adviser who uses them and they must be used with appropriate advice and proper examination of the issues in each case, so no liability can be accepted for how they are used or for the results obtained.

Thanks to  for allowing us the use of these standard letters, please leave the footer on any letters used as copyright.

Applcation to be exempted from Personal Capability Assessment or to be treated as incapable of work (IS, IB, IBY, SDA)

Application for deductions from IS JSA IB PC for rent arrears (By tenent)

Application for payment of hostel service charges by deductions from IS JSA IB PC

Applications for deductions form IS IB JSA PC for rent arrears (Request by landlord)

Application to be treated as having limited capability to work and or treated as entitled to the support component of ESA

Application to waive or defer a Work Focused Interview

Benefit Appeal Form (GL24) no access to a GL24 this will do instead?

Benefit Overpayment Recovery Waiver asking that an overpayment should not be recovered

Change of circumstances

Community Care Grant supporting letter

Discretionary HB or CTB request form

DLA and AA diary to support new claim or review requests

DLA higher Mobility Component for severe mental impairment

DLA Mobility Component walking test for Virtually unable to walk cases

HB Delay interim payment request

HB or CTB backdate request

Information to be disclosed to a representative

IS or JSA Interim payment request

Letter before action (England and Wales) for missing benefit payment

Notification of intenetion to claim

Request to waive recovery of other benefits (In addition to appeal)

Request to DWP for compensation for delay or error

Request to waive recovery of overpayment (In addition to appeal)

Request to waive recovery of Tax Credit overpayment (Use with HMRC form TC846)

Revision or Supersession request

Severe hardship and Estrangement claims for IS, JSA by young people

Social Fund review request

Social Fund review request at the Social Fund Inspectors stage

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