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Case 1:

Call from national support agency about one of their clients in supported housing. Carer Support Worker gave our number.

They have heard that the savings limit is changing and wonders how it will effect David who they are working with?

David is 62 years old and had quite high saving a few years ago, but now they only have £10,000 left as they have been paying full rent and council tax, his only income is (unbelievably) only Disability Living Allowance at low rate care at £18.65 weekly.

We advised him that David was due Pension Credit (backdated three months) at £122 weekly now and once the savings limit increases £130 weekly from November, this will also passport him to full help with the rent and council tax so he will not have to pay these either.

David may well have been due this help since turning 60, if only they had been told earlier.

Case 2:

Mary and John (Disabled) are both over 65 have had their house compulsory purchased by their local council for £60,000, they have now been moved to a council bungalow and are settled and happy there.

They both have old age pension with a Pension Credit Guarantee and Savings Credit top up at £40 weekly.

Their housing offcer and the council say they will now have to pay full rent and council tax due to the savings from the sale of their previous house?

Local Carer Centre worker asked them to check with us.

After waiting Mary and John were able to find their Pension Credit award letter and confirm the Pension Credit amounts paid and more importantly confirm that they have an Assessed Income Period (AIP) from October 2008 until October 2013.

This means that they will remain entitled to Pension Credit Guarantee and full help with their new rent and council tax until that time regardless of any saving etc.

To say they were happy is an understatement!

Case 3:

Carer Support worker asking for a benefit check for Nancy and Craig as they feel something is missing?

They explain that Nancy and Craig already have Pension Credit Guarantee paid, so have no rent or council tax to pay.

They tell us that Craig is 63 years old and has Disability Living Allowance at High Mobility at £49.10 wkly and Middle Care at 47.10 wkly this is his only income, Nancy has her old age pension at £105 weekly and the Pension Credit top-up at £93.45 weekly making them up to the minimum the law says they need £198.45 weekly.

It was easy to see from the above information that the Nancy had never claimed Carers Allowance for looking after Craig as the extra Carer Premium at £29.50 paid to carers is missing from the Pension Credit calculation.

We advise them that Nancy must claim Carers Allowance ASAP backdated three months, we explain that even although Nancy will not get paid any Carers Allowance (due to her old age pension of a higher amount) she will then have underlying entitlement.

This (underlying entitlement) will then give them the extra Carer Premium at £29.50 weekly from Pension Credit, backdated three months they will also get a lump sum payment of about £400 for the arrears of the Carer Premium and the on going extra £29.50 weekly.

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