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Working Tax Credits

Working and/or Child Tax Credits are no longer available for new claims they have been replaced for new claims by Universal Credit.


You can apply for two tax credits, Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.

The general rule is that to qualify for tax credits you must be aged 16 or over and usually live in the United Kingdom.

Couples must make a joint tax credits application. If you are part of a couple, you cannot decide to apply as a single person.

Working Tax Credit is for people who are employed or self-employed (either on their own or in a partnership), who usually work 16 hours or more a week, and expect to work for at least 4 weeks and who are aged 16 or over and responsible for at least one child, or aged 16 or over and disabled or over 60 with no children, or aged 25 or over and usually work at least 30 hours a week.

New rules form April 2012 mean that most couple with children have to work over 24 hours to get Working Tax Credits see HERE

Working Tax Credit is paid to the person who is working 16 hours or more a week. Couples, if both of you are working 16 hours or more a week, you must choose which one of you will receive it. You should not receive Working Tax Credit if you are NOT working 16 hours at the date of claim and should NOT keep it if you stop working less than 16 hours after being awarded it, although new rules form January 2008 allow it to be paid for four weeks after you stop working.

Child Tax Credit is for people who are responsible for at least one child or qualifying young person. Child Tax Credit is paid if you work or not, and is paid direct to the person who is mainly responsible for caring for the child or children. If you are a lone parent you will receive the payment.

As part of Working Tax Credit you may qualify for help towards the costs of childcare. If you receive the childcare element of Working Tax Credit, this will always be paid direct to the person who is mainly responsible for caring for the child or children, alongside payments of Child Tax Credit.

The amount of tax credits you receive will depend on your annual income from the previous year April - April.

You are allowed to earn over this previous years income by 5,000 without this extra amount effecting the on-going award, as long as this previous years income was NOT an estimate given by you.

However anything extra over this 5,000 will reduce your entitlements for this year. It will be noticed when the Inland Revenue re-calculate your next award from next April, this could result in an overpayment.

New Rule from April 2012/13 the first 2,500 of any reduction in earnings is now ignored, losing hard working people over 30 weekly.

Please check your entitlements here.

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