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Statutory Adoption Pay

What is it?

This new Statutory entitlement applies to both men and women who has been an employed earner in the U.K for the same employer for at least 26 weeks when they are notified that they have been matched with a child for adoption.

The general rule is that you must have average earnings of at least the current lower earnings limit, currently £112 weekly.

It is paid for up to 39 continuous weeks at a maximum of £139.58 or 90% of your average earnings if this is lower.

Some employees may be entitled to more than these minimum amounts under the terms of their employment contracts.

As long as you give your employer the required notice (28 days) before the Adoption Pay period starts or as soon as reasonably practicable in writting, confirming the adoption date with proof, and the date you wish your Statutory pay period to start.

This Statutory pay period can be either the date the child is placed with you or up to 14 days before this happens.

If you satisfy the qualifying conditions for Statutory Adoption pay with two employers you can be paid by both.

Only one member of a couple can recieve Statutory Adoption Pay.

Therefore it will be possible for one member of a couple to get 39 weeks Adoption pay and for the other member to get 2 weeks Statutory Paternity Pay.

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