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Welfare Rights Case Studies

Q: Mrs Brown

Emma is a lone parent with one child aged two, works full-time earning over £40,000 yearly. She seen our leaflet about fuel poverty and is asking about Child Tax Credits which is mentioned in it as she thought she earned to much to get anything?


She is due at least the basic amount of Child Tax Credit at about £12 weekly, she needs to claim (0845 300 3900) and backdate it three months ASAP.

Q: Mr Green

David is asking about his son aged†23 who has not worked since leaving school at 17 he has mental health issues, the son has Income Support at £82.30 weekly and has just got awarded Disability Living Allowance at High Care (£73.60) and Low Mobility (£19.55). Can he get anything else. Dad works full-time, mum is at home looking after the family.


The son should let Income Support know as he is now due the Enhanced Disability Premium at £14.05 weekly.

Mum should consider claiming Carers Allowance at £55.55 weekly for looking after the son backdated to the date the DLA was awarded.

Mum and dad could now be invisable for Council Tax giving them a 25% reduction and if the doctor agrees the son is classed as Severely Mentally Impaired he will also become invisable so another 25% will apply giving a 50% reduction weekly.

They need to find out from the Benefits Agency why the son does not have Incapacity for Youths as this is a non-means tested benefit, so any future savings, capital or if the son gets a partner later who works etc this will not stop this benefit from being paid, but if he only has Income Support that could be lost in full.

Q: Miss Gray

Tracy is single aged 24 and has always worked, she pays rent at £80 weekly. She has been on the sick from work for almost 6 months now she has been getting £81.60 Statutory Sick Pay during this time, this is about to end what does she do now?


She should get a form called an SSP1 from her employer this is used to start the claim to Employment Support Allowance on 0800 0 55 66 88.

She needs to claim Housing and Council Tax Benefit at the same time as she should have had this since going sick.

As she has not claimed any Housing Benefit in the last year her Local Housing Allowance amount will not be restricted to the normal under 25's single room rate for the first 13 weeks.

We also mention that she could be due a Return Work Credits and possibly Working Tax Credits when she returns to work later, call back and we will quickly check her entitlements to these?